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Wowowowow. I'm baaack again. And guess what i'm doing this time?
Promoting of course. Whatelse do I do with my life?
Anyway.. please check it out. I think you'd want to take a gander at it.

August 28th, 2005
Chubbys, Red Bank.
$10 Doors@130

Beefsteak 2-220
Makoveskus 235-255
The Circus 310-330
The InoutInout 345-405
A Love like Pi 420-450
A Chilling Silence 505-535
AFIA 550-620
A Void Within 635-715

I'd really like it if you came. I have tickets. Friggen get them from me! thanks. :)

Anyways work sucks. Oh yeah. We're getting shirts for the show!! yayyyyyyyyy. :D
Comment. i dunno. Make me feel nice
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